APA Made Easy

Mr. Scott R. Matkovich
Free e-book: Buy APA Made Easy Paperback now and get a free copy of the e-book through Kindle Matchbook!15 Minutes.That's as long as we think any student should have to spend formatting their papers. Unfortunately, students often spend hours trying to find answers from hard to follow manuals or confusing websites.  Whether you want a step-by-step guide to building a title page, suggestions for writing with greater clarity, or freedom from doing internet searches every time you have a question about APA standards, APA Made Easy is the only blueprint that you will need for writing in APA style.  This comprehensive writing guide includes illustrated steps for formatting an APA document in: Microsoft Word 2010, Microsoft Word 2011 for Mac, Microsoft Word 2013, and Apple's Pages programs. You will also learn:What is APA formatting?How to organize an essay or research paper.How to outline information you've already gathered.How to write an essay or research paper from an outline.Steps for writing an essay with greater clarity and precision.Building citations within your paper and on your Reference page.Also included in this guide:Numerous APA examples and high resolution screen shots to help students correctly format documents within 15 minutes.Access to website support at youversustheworld.com where you can download APA templates and writing guides.Two "Quick Reference" pages that cover Referencing and Citations, and major APA rules that many students forget.Tips for adding clarity to any writing style including:How to write your paper with greater "flow" of thought and a Quick Reference guide for writing coherence. Specific examples that cover how to cite new media such as blog posts, emails, websites, online lectures, computer programs, and much more.A new section on using and citing DOI's (Digital Object Identifiers) for new media.Clickable Table of Contents for ease of use.10% of the net profits of this book will be donated to charityThank you to everyone who supported the first version of this book!For more information on APA Made Easy and downloadable APA templates visit: YouVersusTheWorld.com.


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