Ageless Faith: A Conversation between Generations about Church

Keith Drury, David Drury
A new generation invigorates the Church with fresh perspective and relevance while the other generation enriches us with their wisdom and experience. Pull up a chair and participate in real dialogue between leaders from both sides of the church generation gap. The issues in their denomination will shine a light on the same widening chasm within the whole body of Christ...and within your own fellowship. Father and son authors Keith and David Drury seek to bring all generations to the table for respectful and fruitful dialogue about some of the most controversial concerns facing the Church today. Dealing with timely issues such as worship, community, race, alcohol, and women in leadership, Keith and David model the kind of dialogue that empowers generations to define their differences, while still respecting on another and remaining united in Christ. In addition to offering probing questions for reflection, Ageless Faith provides teaching tips that help leaders guide discussion. Engage in the dialogue, and discover the common ground of our faith!


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