Disney's A Bug's Life (The Mouse Works Classics Collection)

Walt Disney Company, T. J. Steiner
Flik sets out to save the ant colony and all his friends from the greedy grasshoppers who take their entire food supply. Children can experience "A Bug's Life" again and again with this gorgeously illustrated hardcover storybook. Full color.


Reviewed: 2020-10-24

I am not the biggest BUG fan but I decided to give this story a shot. I have to say that it was just "okay". Nothing to spectacular about it but it wasn't terribly boring. I think kids will enjoy it. Gives a different outlook to those little crawly insects we see outside and sometimes the ones that sneak into our homes uninvited. The illustrations were alright but could use a bit more color and "umph". The bug characters themselves, some of them which were drawn almost robotic life, were not really "animated". I mean, give the bugs some character profiles. Anywho, it was still an alright read and I would say that kids may enjoy it. Not something I would go out of my way to read and/or watch again.

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