Art of Pirates of the Caribbean, The

Timothy Shaner
The Art of Pirates of the Caribbean presents a definitive, exclusive look into the preparation and production of the successful movie trilogy. Overflowing with hundreds of full-color images, the book showcases concept drawings, set designs, and costume sketches, as well as the intricate props, set pieces, and even special effects that contribute so much to the Pirates mythology. Even the cover is visually arresting—imitating the leather-covered log of a ship’s captain.  Also included is special commentary from the unit publicist who was there to see it all. For Pirates fans everywhere, this treasure chest of art and design from the entire movie trilogy is a visual feast that promises hours of endless browsing pleasure.


Reviewed: 2020-10-06

I am a fan of the movie and I always enjoy seeing the "behind the scenes" content. I like to see what goes into a production of a film. I like to see the "making of" and all the beautiful sets and costumes. I like hearing/reading about the actors/director(s)/crew members go through to get a film into final production. That type of thing always fascinates me and if that is something you like as well and you enjoyed the film then I recommend this.

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