1,2 Kings (The People's Bible)

Arno J Wolfgramm
Many people have found The People's Bible to be the most reliable Bible commentary series published. It's the laypeople's Bible down to earth, clearly written, easy to read and understand, filled with practical and contemporary applications. Each volume includes that book's complete text from the NIV Bible. The Christ-centered commentaries following the Scripture sections contain explanations of the text, historical background, maps, illustrations, and archaeological information. The People's Bible commentaries are great for personal or group study. The two books of Kings trace the history of God's Old Testament people from King Solomon to the Babylonian exile. During that time God's one nation became two: Israel, to the north, and Judah, to the south. Both kingdoms drifted away from the Lord. Yet the Lord sent Elijah and Elisha to call his people to repentance.


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