India Aditi Box

Cornell University
Items in box include: The Living Arts of India (Teachers Manual, The Mughal Court, Puppets, play and Pageants and India Fairs and Festivals), Know India Packet, two Wood Block Stamps, Picture of Hindu God Siva with wife Goddess Parvati and their elephant-headed son, Ganesha, Picture of Hindu Goddess Durga slaying the Demon, Mahisa, Lakshmi/Narayan, Portfolio on India, Age of Calendars, Patua Scroll Painting, Ladies on a Garden Terrace (Painting), After The Bath (Painting), Squirrels in a Plant Tree (Painting), Raga Hindola (Painting), Handicraft of Orissa, Indian Handicraft (Book), India Craftshop of the World (Book), Fol Bronze of India (Yatri Book), Wooden Guitar (tiny), Embroidery Quilt, Picture of Indian Birds, Wooden Game Seed Collector (Bird Shaped), Children's Art Work (Binder), Woven Handicraft and Handlooms and other items related to arts of India. Box is heavy.


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