Harry Wild Jones

Elizabeth A. Vandam
Henry Wild Jones could have just as easily chosen the well-traveled path of his family and become a Baptist minister, but he know architecture was his calling and destiny. Born two years before the start of the Civil War, Jones took his place on the American architectural stage in the late 1800s. His life spanned seventy-six years - a period of U.S. history that matched his exuberant, spririted personality. The country's culture of unprecedented economic change, fueld by a second wave in teh Indsturail Revolution and continued westward expansion, offered exciting design opportunities and challenges for an uip-and-coming architect like Jones. Jones began his career as a draftsman in the office of design giant Henry Hobson Richardson. He and his bride, left their Eastern roots and moved to Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1883. Over the next fifty-two years, Jones produced an impressive body of work, from neoclassic to eclectic, reflecting his unique brand of versatility and creativity...


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