Living Free (Kit)

James Robison
There is a spiritual battle being waged daily against God's people. The result for those who fail to recognize the work of the enemy is a life of defeat and spiritual bondage. In the Living Free series, you can discover how to live in the freedom, fullness and fruitfulness God has for you. James Robison opens his heart and reveals his personal journey to true freedom in Christ. Robert Morris opens the Scriptures to reveal hidden truths regarding the plans and purposes of God. When you know the truth of God's Word, it will set you free and break the strongholds the enemy has established. Living Free will lead you into a new walk with the Lord, one filled with joy and fruitfulness. Live as you were meant to be in Christ.... live free! 1. God's Purpose for You: Freedom, Fullness, Fruitfulness - James Robison 2. Spiritual Symbols in Scripture - Robert Morris 3. Spiritual Warfare and Shepherds - Robert Morris 4. Why Defeat? The Way to Victory - James Robison 5. Spiritual Bondage - Robert Morris 6. Breaking Free - James Robison


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