100 Most Dangerous Things on the Planet : -

Anna Claybourne
Learn how to face and survive the most dangerous and disastrous things that could possibly happen!From natural disasters to dangerous weather, from the dangers of getting lost in the wild to fighting off dangerous animals, any child can imagine the special skills they'll need to combat 100 real-life dramas.Each danger is rated by how likely you are to encounter it, as well as how likely you are to survive; from the unlikely event of being struck by a meteor (with minimal chance of surviving), or being attacked by a bear, to the more likely event of successfully surviving a flood or forest fire.


Reviewed: 2018-06-21

I give this book 4 and a half stars because it puts some things that aren't as dangerous as some other things on the planet that aren't in this book with 10% chance of survival as the lowest and 95% as higest. But in exchange it gives you some usful tips of how to survive or try to survive some things like an avalanche or a meteorite which you can try some tips for surviving the impact I recomend this book to adventurous persons that like danger.

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