Adventures of Tom Sawyer, The

Mark Twain
While hiding in a graveyard, Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn witness a murder. Except for the killer himself, only they know who committed the deed. Terrified of the killer, Tom and Huck take an oath of secrecy. But their consciences bother them when an innocent man is accused of the crime and jailed. Will Tom and Huck speak out to save the innocent man from hanging? The murderer, meanwhile, remains at large, filling their sleep with nightmares. A search for buried treasure puts Tom and Huck on the trail of thousands of dollars in gold coins but also puts them, once again, in the killerĀ“s path. Note: This Townsend Library classic has been carefully edited to be more accessible to today's students. It includes a brief author's biography and an afterword that provides important context about the work.


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