Bradman and the Summer That Changed Cricket: The 1930 Australian Tour of England

Christopher Hilton
Sir Donald Bradman is widely considered to be the greatest batsman who has ever lived. In 1930 he arrived in England, a callow youth whose lack of technique, or so the English thought, would be mercilessly exposed. By summer's end he had redefined the possibilities of the game and changed it forever. This fascinating book reconstructs that Australian tour from the first day to the last, in the most lively detail, including every run in Bradman's legendary 300 scored in one day during the Leeds Test. This is a must for every cricket lover. Using a host of contemporary sources - from regional Australian newspapers and original score sheets, to English provincial and national newspapers and players' memories - Christopher Hilton brings all aspects of the 1930 summer tour vividly to life. He revisits every controversy surrounding one of the sport's most momentous occasions in a way that will bring great enjoyment and a sense of history to readers young and old. Christopher Hilton worked for national newspapers, notably the Daily Express, for 25 years. He has since written more than sixty books on a variety of sports as well as history and politics. This is his third cricket book. Married with a daughter, he lives in Hertfordshire.


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