Establishing A Career In Sports Medicine: Plan Your Career In Sports Medicine Now And Enjoy The Many Possibilities For Personal Advancement It Offers

Sports medicine is a sub specialty of the medical field that is somewhat confusing to some people. Because of the fact that sports is not medicine, it is a bit of a misleading term, however, the term is intended to represent the doctors and other medical staff who are in the practice of treating and diagnosing athletes and sports related injuries. The professionals who are actively involved in the sports medicine field range from standard doctors, physical therapists, surgeons, and even athletic trainers and other similar careers. Are you considering a career in the field of sports medicine? Let this comprehensive career guidebook assist you in your contemplation, planning for your education and training, and setting up your career path. Inside this book you will discover: * A short description of sports medicine, including a brief historical account * A guide for self-assessment to help you examine if this is the right career choice for you * Career possibilities and job opportunities The field of sports medicine is vast and there are a lot of opportunities that can be made. As in all areas of life, planning and goal-setting is key. Plan for your career in sports medicine now and get with the many possibilities for personal advancement it offers.


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