Animal Drawing and Anatomy (Dover Art Instruction)

Edwin Noble, Art Instruction
"No artist, designer, or craftsman can be regarded as fully equipped without a knowledge of natural forms," asserts this instructive volume. "All forms of life offer rich material for design, whether realistic or conventional," it notes, adding that studies from life "of the human figure, the forms of all animals and birds, and of the inhabitants of the waters, and of plants, must precede mastery of the art of design."With this profusely illustrated guide, beginners can learn the fundamentals of animal drawing, and more experienced artists can find tips that will assist them in refining their skills. Written and illustrated by a distinguished artist and art instructor of the early twentieth century, this volume features valuable insights into reproducing accurate images of horses, cows, dogs, sheep, birds, and wild animals. The explanatory text, highlighted by 233 drawings, offers advice not only on depicting musculature, hair, feathers, and other obvious physical features, but also on such essentials as action, pose, proportions, and character.


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