Afterworks Volume 2 (v. 2)

Mark Andrews, Jennifer Chang, Louis Gonzales, Robert Kondo, Angus Maclane, Ted Mathot, Scott Morse, Sanjay Patel, Jeff Pidgeon, Peter Sohn, Nate Stanton, Brian Larsen
From the heart of today's animation industry in E-Ville, California, new energy is pumped into the soul of the comics world with Afterworks 2! Presented here is pure passion on the page, stories too personal to be told in any other medium than comics, stories that touch a nerve and charm the soul. From fact based accounts of Falluja missile strikes to reinterpretations of classic myth, from Tokyo excursions to flights of fantasy, from brawlers to the Devil to hopelessly romantic musicians, this is untainted storytelling that will be pulled off your shelf and reread time and again.


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