40 Nights to Knowing the Sky: A Night-by-Night Skywatching Primer

Fred Schaaf
The first practical, interactive guide for learning astronomy. Fred Schaaf has spent years perfecting the teaching of skywatching and astronomy to newcomers. Here, he distills his experience into a revolutionary new approach to learning about the night sky. No other book on the market offers anything like the simple, interactive, step-by-step program Schaaf has created for new skywatchers of all ages. The key to Schaaf's ingenious program is a system of practical objectives and activities that get readers actively involved in skywatching. Starting with simple instructions on learning one's way around the night sky and progressing to more challenging concepts, each night's activity takes the reader to a deeper level of knowledge and understanding. All it takes is forty clear nights, and anyone can learn to enjoy the beauty of the heavens.


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