Intelligent Person's Guide to Religion (Intelligent Person's Guides), An

John Haldane
We live, allegedly, in a postmodern age in which we have cast aside the narrative fantasies of the pre-modern era. If postmodernism represents the final abandonment of all grand theories, where does religion stand? If religion is a particularly unbelievable form of explanation, why does it power still affect social and political change? Here, like the skeptics of our age, the author asks, What has theology ever had to say that was of the slightest use to anyone? He argues that religion without God is like a car without an engine, and draws on many aspects of human culture to offer a defense of religion that is not only credible but necessary in an age when postmodernism itself has been exposed as a cruel illusion.


Reviewed: 2017-01-05

Although short, this book is quite philisophical and intellectual. Parts can be difficult to comprehend but it offers concise arguments separated by themes on why someone should consider theism to be a rational conclusion. I would recommend this to those who want to be challenged or prefer a more logical approach to apologetics. 

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