Blemished - DVD Leader Kit

Jason Hayes
Target Audience: Young Adults Sessions: 5 Description: What's the last thing God said to you? What if He went silent after those words and you never heard from Him again? It wouldn't be the first time. After centuries of dreams, visions, and words from prophets, the Lord went silent. He said nothing for 400 years. The last word God spoke to His people, before the New Testament, is recorded in the Book of Malachi. And it wasn't good news. Malachi is a book about unfaithful priests, half-hearted religion, and blemished sacrifices. It's about people who lived by checklists, performing spiritual acts without the engagement of their hearts. Blemished points out how many Christ-followers are following in the footsteps of the people in Malachi's day. This leader kit uses audio teaching, video, biblical articles, music, and other tools to help you facilitate a small group experience where you can learn what went wrong in the days of Malachi and lead others to avoid those same pitfalls. A Blemished small group can motivate Christ-followers to remember that God desires a deep level of obedience from His people who are still called to bring unblemished sacrifices before Him. Features: 5 session format that allows for engaging discussion centered around practical application of the biblical text Copy of the Blemished Member Book Enhanced CD with Leader Guide, promotional tools, and e-mailable supplemental articles to help your group dig deeper into Malachi Music centered around the themes of Blemished 3 discussion-sparking videos to provide a visual link to the important points of Blemished 4-part audio discussion with author Jason Hayes designed to provide an expanded understanding of the Book of Malachi Benefits: Unique design that intentionally cultivates connection between group members as well as individual group customization Author Info: Jason Hayes is the young adult ministry specialist for Threads, a speaker, church consultant, and writer. Before coming to Threads, he earned a Master of Divinity from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and served in a variety of church settings. He is also the co-author of Lost and Found: The Younger Unchurched and the Churches that Reach Them. Jason is happily married to his beautiful wife, Carrie, and is a proud dad to their son, Hayden. Learn more at


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