Meditations and Other Metaphysical Writings

Rene Descartes
Paperback. Pub Date :1999-09-28 Pages: 256 Language: English Publisher: Penguin Books A new translation of Descartes masterpiece. along with selections of his other late writingsThe six Meditations and accompanying selections from the Objections and Replies provide a definitive statement of what Descartes intended as the foundations of his whole philosophy. His project was to resolve the epistemological questions brought about by the prevailing skepticism of his age; to build. from the basis of self-awareness (Cogito. ergo sum). through the notion of a benevolent God. to a systematic and novel approach to metaphysics; and to construct a secure starting-point for science.The first part of a new two-volume edition of Descartes in Penguin Classics. this volume consists not only of a new translation of the original Latin text and extensive selections from the Objections and Repl...


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