10 little ninjas

Paul, Miranda
A charming bedtime counting book about ten sneaky little characters who aren’t ready to go to sleep... until daddy calls the sensei to send them back to bed.   It may be bedtime, but these little ninjas aren't tired. They're sliding, swinging, and slipping out of bed! Can Daddy and the sensei ever tuck them in? Filled with mischievous fun, 10 Little Ninjas will take young readers from playtime to bedtime again and again. Kids will love the astronauts, tigers, cowboys, dragons and more!


Reviewed: 2020-12-01

“6 rowdy cowboys lassoing the rails--/one loop swooped and,/whoops!, it failed.” In this great children's book, the 10 Little Ninjas’ imaginations go wild as they become different things like astronauts, racers, tigers, cowboys, sharks, firefighters, pirates, and dragons. Each time they go on their imaginative adventures they become something else. And each time, one little ninja leaves or gets hurt. The narrator tells the story. This is a semi upbeat rhyming, countdown story. The artwork, digitally created, is very kid friendly with dark colors and two dimensional shaped characters. Young kids will love the deeply colored, fun, ninja sketch type drawings. It is a good, familiar, but original, read aloud. What happens to the ninjas after their fun adventure? Read this book to find out. Submitted by: Liam O.

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