Cult Science Fiction Films: From the Amazing Colossal Man to Yog : The Monster from Space (Citadel Film Series)

Welch D. Everman
This text is a celebration of 75 of the weirdest and wildest science fiction films which have attracted cult followings. By defining the sci-fi film as the realm of the "not yet", the book's selected movies deal in interplanetary, intergalactic and time travel, androids, and futuristic medical or surgical techniques. Famous, and infamous, actors and actresses are to be found in amongst the androids and space ships: Henry Fonda and Richard Widmark in "The Swarm", Richard Burton in "The Medusa Touch", Dana Andrews in "The Frozen", and Barry Sullivan in "Planet of the Vampires". While some of these films are genuine thrillers and others are simply ludicrous, all have that cult appeal. This book should appeal to all fans of way-out movies and science fiction. It details the films, complete with casts, credits, production notes and photographs.


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