Believers: Spiritual Leaders of the World (Oxford Profiles)

Elizabeth Goldman
Throughout time, great religious and spiritual leaders around the world have played key roles in the events and philosophical movements that have shaped history. In Believers, Elizabeth Goldman has chosen 45 men and women who have had lasting effect on the religious community. From countries and cultures all over the globe, their stories are powerful and inspiring, offering a history of religious traditions and introducing religions and customs that may be new to the young reader. The anecdotal and narrative text is highly accessible and encourages thinking about religious questions and issues directly touching young people today: ethics, personal responsibility, and standing up for one's beliefs. Moses, Joan of Arc, Siddhártha Gautama (Buddha), and other religious figures such as Pope John XXIII, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, Jr., Desmond Tutu, and Mother Teresa. Each person's life story focuses on historical context, major events, and accomplishments, but Goldman is careful not to make her subjects mere cardboard paragons of virtue. Each is a real human being who lived and breathed and left a mark on our world. Photographs, engravings, and drawings are included with each profile, and a quick reference fact box lists birth and death dates, religious tradition, and major achievements. An introductory essay addresses why each subject was chosen and explores the origins of religions. Suggestions for further reading, and a complete index add to this unique and fascinating reference. Ideal for multicultural, ethical, and comparative religion studies, Believers is also an excellent supplement to world history texts. Young adults, their parents, and their teachers will find it engrossing reading and an invaluable resource.


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