Quest for Celestia: A Reimagining of the Pilgrim's Progress

Steven James
A Reimagining of The Pilgrim’s ProgressAfter a chance encounter with a man whom 16-year-old Kadin believes is a wizard, his life and health begin to deteriorate. Out of desperation he embarks on an epic journey to a land no one in his village believes exists, to be healed of a disease no one thinks he has.His quest for truth leads him to a fantastical world of witches, dragons, giants, danger, and deception.  Tracked by an evil lord and accompanied by only one friend, Kadin must face his greatest fear to find the healing he longs for most.A stand-alone fantasy novel, Quest for Celestia is a complete re-imagining of one of the bestselling books of all time, first published more than 300 years ago—The Pilgrim’s Progress.If you think you know the story, think again. Twists lurk around every corner. The journey begins now.  Destiny awakes in the hills.


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