Leonore Fleischer


Reviewed: 2021-10-21

The overall storyline was fine, I guess. Not a huge fan. The whole story takes place with them driving from Los Angeles, CA to Ohio. I did like how the character of Charlie did end up growing more mature and understanding in the end, from the controlling and a bit agressive person that he was to start off with. I will be honest and say that I'm still not a fan of Charlie's character as a whole. Because he ultimately did have wrong intentions of using his newly-found older brother just for blackmail to earn $3 million dollars because he was in the hole with his business. And even as he was getting to know his brother, he still takes him to Vegas to use him to gain his money back by gambling. After being on the road for one whole week, Charlie and Raymond grow a bond together. I think that in the end the correct conclusion played out where Charlie gave the rights to the assisted living facility for Raymond to live at and he was still able to visit him. I think that is best for Raymond and still allows Charlie to visit and spend time with his brother. I think that the pacing was slow and that the character development was a bit forced. The execution as a whole could have been done better. But it was still an okay story. A period peace going back to the 1990's. And you gotta love the 90's. 

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