Crooked Kingdom: A Sequel to Six of Crows

Leigh Bardugo
The highly anticipated sequel to the thrilling #1 New York Times-bestselling Six of Crows.Kaz Brekker and his crew have just pulled off a heist so daring even they didn't think they'd survive. But instead of divvying up a fat reward, they're right back to fighting for their lives. Double-crossed and badly weakened, the crew is low on resources, allies, and hope. As powerful forces from around the world descend on Ketterdam to root out the secrets of the dangerous drug known as jurda parem, old rivals and new enemies emerge to challenge Kaz's cunning and test the team's fragile loyalties. A war will be waged on the city's dark and twisting streets―a battle for revenge and redemption that will decide the fate of the Grisha world.


Reviewed: 2018-10-08

A great sequel to Six of Crows. Still had some good twists (though the best ones were in the first book) and it also provided a good close to each of the characters' story arcs.

Reviewed: 2018-05-31
If you have not read Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo, this review my contain spoilers for Six of Crows but not Crooked Kingdom. Crooked Kingdom picks up right where Six of Crows left off. Kaz, Inej, Nina, Matthias, Jesper and Wylan pulled off the their heist in the Ice Court by bringing Kuwei Yul-Bo back with them but Jan Van Eck didn't keep to his part of the bargain. Instead he takes Inej which leaves Kaz to come up with a plan. He always seems to be one step ahead even when we don't think he could possibly have a plan for when things go wrong, he does. Out of the two books, Six of Crows and Crooked Kingdom, Crooked Kingdom is my favorite. My love for the characters grew even more after reading Crooked Kingdom. We learned so much about them in Six of Crows so I wasn't expecting a lot of back stories in this one but we did and I was loving all of it. Nina and Matthias are seriously the cutest! Of course, Kaz and Inej are great and we get to see a lot of more about Inej's background. And Wylan and Jesper continue with their teasing and they are all so great! The character development throughout this story is phenomenal. I think the character of Matthias was just amazing. He had it burned into his brain since he was a child that Grisha should be destroyed and he changes his view on that despite what he was taught. I feel like growing up, a lot of us are taught something and it is really difficult to change your mind on it because it's what you have always believed. And for Leigh to create this character, Matthias, showing how hard it is for him to turn on his people and fight for what he thinks is right is just incredible. The plot of the story was so good! There were so many things that I didn't see coming and just the fact that Kaz had everything so well planned out was just so great. Leigh Bardugo's writing makes me feel like I am right there with the characters. There's one part at the beginning when Inej is climbing through a air duct and I just had major claustrophobia while I was reading it. Even though I was in the wide open space of my house, I felt like the walls were closing in on me. I don't usually get this kind of impact with writing. There were even some cameos of some characters from the Grisha trilogy which was kind of fun to see them again, despite me not really liking that series. I also loved that Wylan finally came to accepting himself as not being able to read. He has struggled for so long and has always been embarrassed by the fact that he can't read. I love him as a character and I don't want to see him hurt. Of course, there was a part in the book where I was full on crying for him and my heart was just aching. So I'm not much of a crier when it comes to books. I get teary eyed but not full on crying. Leigh Bardugo is now the second author to make me full on cry. And several times at that! Just beware going into this book that it is very emotional but it is done in the best way possible. The ending of the book was perfect. Probably the most wonderful book moment EVER! Tears were streaming down my face but I was so happy with the way it ended. Six of Crows and Crooked Kingdom are now my favorite duology. This story took me completely by surprise, in the best way possible and I'm so happy to have read them. Highly HIGHLY recommend!
Reviewed: 2017-12-07
Initial Impressions 10/12/16: 4.5 stars (4.25 - 4.5)
Firstly, Leigh... HOW COULD YOU? MY FAVORITE CHARACTER!!! Or one of my favorite characters. One of my top characters. Okay, I love them all, but you know.
Okay, (raw) emotions aside, this was so good! Sadly, I think it suffered just because I'm SO BUSY that it was hard to read any part of this in a large chunk. I really just needed the time to sit down and read. I actually bought the audio because I was afraid I wouldn't have time read (I didn't) and I actually didn't like the audio narrators as much this time around. I was really bothered by the fact that they didn't pronounce things all the same and some were just straight up pronounced wrong. With a cast of 6 audio narrations, that's kind of (really) important.
Anyway! I thought that CROOKED KINGDOM had more heists AND more humor AND more cross-over than SIX OF CROWS and I looooved it. The crossover was simply fantastic and I actually wish I had read it instead of listening because the audio just never does justice to Sturmhond. MY STURMHOND! YAS! x.
I really connected to the characters more in this book, I think just because I was more invested. I really grew to have such a connection to the from a first read of SoC, a re-read, and all of the time before CROOKED KINGDOM and I really connected to them so much more!
And of course, there was that spectacular ending! Everything closed just perfectly. It wasn't overdone, it wasn't boring, it wasn't too fanciful, or leaving me wanting more. Leigh Barudgo is an expect at closing out series and I appreciated this so much. It also left me wanting sooooo much more! All of the Grishaverse in the world, please?

Review as originally posted HERE on The Book Addict's Guide 12/14/16: ** No spoilers for CROOKED KINGDOM but there will be spoilers for book one, SIX OF CROWS so if you haven’t read SIX OF CROWS yet, avert your eyes! **

CROOKED KINGDOM was one of my most-anticipated reads of the year because naturally, anything Leigh Bardugo has me jumping up and down with anticipation! I actually really enjoyed this book more than SIX OF CROWS and I think part of that was because I was already so immersed in this world after being able to read SIX OF CROWS twice and then let all the characters settle in and my love for them grew as I waited for CROOKED KINGDOM!

I felt like CROOKED KINGDOM had a little more of that heist aspect which was definitely established in SIX OF CROWS, but the job in CROOKED KINGDOM really did have a different feel! The overall tone felt a little lighter and had a little more fun snark whereas SIX OF CROWS felt a little bit more serious. I also absolutely looooved the addition of the extra crossover to the original Grisha Trilogy. I won’t say exactly how it does crossover so anyone who hasn’t read CROOKED KINGDOM can still be surprised and excited, but I will say that I was just delighted by the connections made to the Grisha Trilogy in this book and how it played into the plot of CROOKED KINGDOM. It was so much fun and involved some of my favorite things from the original trilogy. It’s not something that people will miss out on if they haven’t read the Grisha Trilogy yet but it does make it more fun to see that connection!

I really just connected to this more than I did with SIX OF CROWS. I mean, I loved them both, but I think reading, and then re-reading, and then letting those characters sit with me over time really had my love grow even more and so I felt so much more of a connection. And of course, reading the second book in a series also allowed me to sink into the work and think about it for months and months before the book’s release. I just felt like I got to know everyone and everywhere just a little bit more and now that the group was established, it really felt so much more cohesive too. To be fair, they were always pretty cohesive but I loved the way the group settled and they all just belonged together.

Leigh Bardugo is just a master. From plot to romance to action, she can write any aspect of a book and totally nail it. The Grishaverse is one of my favorite places and I’m so happy to have been able to read these stories. I’m actually really glad that this was a duology and not more of a series because it closed out so well (which amazing job, Leigh!) and it didn’t need to be dragged out into one or two or more books. I would always love to read more but I like that it was wrapped up so quickly and neatly! It felt perfect.


I actually didn’t like the audio narrators as much this time around. I was really bothered by the fact that they didn’t pronounce things all the same and some were just straight up pronounced wrong. With a cast of 6 audio narrations, that’s kind of (aka really) important.
Anyway! I thought that CROOKED KINGDOM had more heists AND more humor AND more cross-over than SIX OF CROWS and I looooved it. The crossover was simply fantastic and I actually wish I had read it instead of listening because of one of the characters who appeared and the narrator didn’t to them justice.
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