Agile Team Facilitator: A Coach's Path Towards Enterprise Agility (Chief Agility Officer) (Volume 1)

Martin Alaimo
For several years now, and with increasing intensity, life in traditional organizations is coming to an end. No matter who you talk to, from the newest employee to the manager with greater range, through the most important customer, often you perceive more disappointment than enthusiasm. With such a scenario, it is not surprising that profound changes are taking place both in the way we do business, as in the way of structuring companies, lead teams, and manage work. In line with these changes, it has been consolidating a fundamental role: the agile coach, a facilitator, catalyst and change agent. Many people today are developing themselves and becoming agile coaches. Each new agile coach emerges with his conception of the profession, rarely coincides with other agile coaches. A shared understanding of responsibilities, knowledge and skills required to perform as such is necessary. Through this series, the author intends to chart a path, among many others, for an agile coach to acquire the knowledge and develop the skills considered necessary for the exercise of this beautiful profession.


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