Asset Protection: Concepts and Strategies for Protecting Your Wealth

Jay Adkisson, Chris Riser
This is a practitioner's guide to today's most effective asset protection strategies. Shielding assets isn't easy to do in our increasingly litigious society. Yet all too often, business owners and high-net-worth individuals find it more difficult to protect their financial interests from unregulated "asset protection planners" than from the courts - and find themselves losing heavily to both."Asset Protection" details today's most successful, legitimate, and court-proven strategies for protecting one's assets. Taking a unique, all-encompassing approach that minimizes complex legalese to focus on easy-to-understand, effective asset-shielding practices and techniques, this timely book discusses: the goals of asset protection, along with steps for implementing an effective asset protection program; traditional as well as new techniques - what they are, how they work, when and how to use them; the vital relationship between asset protection and financial planning, and how to design one umbrella program to address both. "Asset Protection" delivers a welcome dose of common sense and legitimacy to a field top-heavy with gimmickry and dishonesty.Written by two of today's top legal asset protection experts, it provides you with frank, pull-no-punches details on how to do everything under the law to shield assets from harm in an unpredictable and financially perilous world. For professionals, business owners, and high net worth individuals, the danger in leaving assets vulnerable to the whims of courts and claimants is higher today than at any time in the past. And while seminar speakers often refer to "bulletproof" asset protection strategies, experienced asset protection planners know that no program or method exists that is effective in every situation - because as soon as a strategy is proven effective the attempts to undermine it will begin in earnest."Asset Protection" is today's most level-headed and technique-based look at how asset protection planning should be appr


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