Cocaine papers

Sigmund Freud
The publication of 'Cocaine Papers' presents for the first time the complete and authoritative versions of Sigmund Freud's important but heretofore unavailable text, widely but heretofore unavailable texts, widely referred to as 'the cocaine papers.' Written between 1884 & 1887, they are a significant contribution to the fields of psychology, pharmacology, and social history. This book contains all of Freud's 'cocaine papers' plus Freud's letters, notes, dreams & recollections on the subject, together with the most pertinent writings from the 19th C to the present of Freud and cocaine. As a history of Freud's breakthroughs and failures in his personal experimentation with cocaine it offers both an intimate and human portrait of the young genius in his very first original scientific efforts and the most definitive study to date of the controversial alkaloid, cocaine. 'Cocaine Papers' includes a wealth of previously unpublished and unavailable writing both by and about Freud. The many personal letters from Freud to Martha Bernays, Carl Koller and others and the early dream trace an historically significant course from the experimentation with cocaine to Freud's authorship of his masterpiece 'The Interpretation of Dreams (1900)'.


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