First Part Last, The

Angela Johnson
This little thing with the perfect face and hands doing nothing but counting on me. And me wanting nothing else but to run crying into my own mom's room and have her do the whole thing. It's not going to happen.... Bobby is your classic urban teenaged boy -- impulsive, eager, restless. On his sixteenth birthday he gets some news from his girlfriend, Nia, that changes his life forever. She's pregnant. Bobby's going to be a father. Suddenly things like school and house parties and hanging with friends no longer seem important as they're replaced by visits to Nia's obstetrician and a social worker who says that the only way for Nia and Bobby to lead a normal life is to put their baby up for adoption. With powerful language and keen insight, Johnson looks at the male side of teen pregnancy as she delves into one young man's struggle to figure out what "the right thing" is and then to do it. No matter what the cost.


Reviewed: 2016-08-16

I think this is an excellent book. I truly felt for Bobby the entire time. His thoughts were fairly consistant with a new father but does not match that of a sixteen year old. Jumping from time periods was actually very easy to follow. Most authors make it very difficult. I also enjoyed keeping with Bobby's point of view. Most teen books I have read that deal with pregnancy come solely from the teen mother's perspective and it was a nice switch. Mary was such a strong mother character and the author really showed a strong family to be around Bobby. He got along with his step father and his mother really was not letting him get away with anything. They were always talking about college and the future. Bobby's parents kept saying that this was his life and he had to live it. The language was fairly formal which I liked. Often with African American story lines slang is the primary language in the book and sometimes dilutes the meaning of the story.

I disliked how Nia's accident is just kind of thrown in there but never really explained. I can only infer what happened to her because it is never made clear. The timing is crazy because at the end of the book we realize the story began 11 days after Feather was born which is only 11 days after Bobby lost the love of his life. It is extremly sad.

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