What My Mother Doesn't Know

Sonya Sones
An utterly authentic story of first (and second and third) love, told in accessible free verse and featuring a new cover and larger trim size.It’s not that I'm boy crazy.It’s just that even thoughI’m almost fifteenI’ve been having sort of a hard timetrying to figure out the differencebetween love and lust. It’s likemy mindand my bodyand my heartjust don’t seem to be able to agreeon anything. Get to know Sophie, a freshman in high school who’s struggling through the daily grind and all the crushes that come with it, as she shares her innermost thoughts and feelings in this remarkably relatable novel in verse from Sonya Sones.


Reviewed: 2016-11-15

This book is about a freshman in highschool named Sophie who takes us on a journey through her young “love” life.  This book shows how young girls think they are “in love” so quickly and go from one guy to the next when in reality they don't know what love is.  She shares her stories of several boys that she has been "in love" with. The last one we learn about is a guy named Murphy who is the quiet not so popular guy at school. She always thought he was cute from a distance but never acted upon her feelings because she was afraid of what her friends might think. The last pages of the book show that she doesn’t care what they think and she goes over to him in the cafeteria.

I enjoyed this book. It was a quick read but shared some important lessons that most females go through when they are growing up.  Learning about young love and how young girls don’t know the meaning of love is such a reality.  I would recommend this book to young teens. It is appropriate and it is good for them to read about things they will or are currently going through. 

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