Career in Robotics: Engineers - Technicians

Institute For Career Research
CHOOSING A CAREER SHOULD Be interesting, challenging and even fun. You have more options available to you than almost anybody else in history. Wading through the information may seem like a formidable task, but you should look at the process as one with great rewards at the other end. Most people tend to evaluate potential careers based upon what they could do right now. Not all careers fit this mold, however. Some are attractive for what they might lead to in the future. Robotics certainly fits into this latter category. Every robot ever built has led directly to a better robot, and sometimes very quickly. Robots now handle most of manufacturing in the industrialized world. Robots even build other robots, which is either a tantalizing thought or a scary one, depending upon how you look at it. And everybody knows that the ultimate goal is to create a robot that is indistinguishable from a human being. The robotics industry needs capable, imaginative professionals ready to build upon the achievements of the past and create the robots of the future. Robotics engineers are serious dreamers who look at challenges as nothing but tiny speed bumps on the way to the next big breakthrough. Their successes not only move their industry forward, but propel innovation in other industries. Developments in robotics have taken off in recent years, helped along by strides made in software, electronics and materials technologies. This new Careers Ebook contains a wealth of unbiased information about an occupational field, based on the latest national surveys. Careers Ebooks cover attractive and unattractive sides, opportunities, education necessary, personal qualifications required, earnings, descriptions of different job specialties, first person accounts by those in the field, and how to get started; including practical advice on what to do now. There are live links to schools and colleges, associations, periodicals and other sources of reliable information.


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