Age of Turbulence: Adventures in a New World, The

Alan Greenspan
The Age Of Turbulence is Alan Greenspan’s incomparable reckoning with the contemporary financial world, channeled through his own experiences working in the command room of the global economy longer and with greater effect than any other single living figure. Following the arc of his remarkable life’s journey through his more than eighteen-year tenure as chairman of the Federal Reserve Board to the present, in the second half of The Age of Turbulence Dr. Greenspan embarks on a magnificent tour d’horizon of the global economy. The distillation of a life’s worth of wisdom and insight into an elegant expression of a coherent worldview, The Age of Turbulence will stand as Alan Greenspan’s personal and intellectual legacy.


Reviewed: 2016-01-17
The book can be divided into these three broad categories of reading, - Being an autobiography he begins with vignettes of his formative years which are of course interesting to read like being in Mary Kutty George's class. - Moving on, the other sections that are equally if not more interesting are his descriptions of how the Fed and the US Government dealt with the various international crises (Mexico 1994, Asian 1997, Russia 1997). Also his in depth analysis of the US economy during WWII, Post WWII, Interactions with International movers and shakers. These parts of the book made you feel like you were listening to one of Bhaskaran's lengthy but interesting observations on any subject he chose to teach on that day and you all know how he was so adept at that. - For the most part this book reads like a textbook where he does several deep dives into Phd level economics delivered Kamath style. Some of the parts I had to re-read several times (and still ended up being overhead transmission). To sum up, this book is certainly not everyone's cup of tea. If Economics is truly your first love or you plan to return to college and are looking for a good text book then by all means go for it.
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