Experiment With Light CD1-5

Diana Lamipen
Resources Printable resources list Introductions to Experiment with Light Journal For Light Groups Meditation CDs MP3 audio files to listen to Introductions: About Experiment with Light (4-page introduction) More about Experiment with Light (a series of illustrated articles published in The Friend between September and November 2011) Rex Ambler: What is Experiment with Light? (booklet published in 2014) Rex Ambler: Reflections on key words in the Quaker tradition (written 1995-1999) Sue Glover: Daring to stand in the Light (The Friend, 1998) Ann Banks and Helen Meads: Why Experiment with Light is important to Quakers today (2011) Journal: Issue 20 (September 2016) Opening Issue 19 (July 2016) Encountering the Light Issue 18 (March 2016)) From Shadow to Light Previous journals: Issue 17 (December 2015) Long practice Issue 16 (September 2015) To know one another in the things that are eternal Issue 15 (Summer 2015) How we change Issue 14 (Spring 2015) On Retreat Issue 13 (Winter 2014) Conflict Issue 12 (Autumn 2014) Outside the Light Group Issue 11 (Summer 2014) Making it happen Issue 10 (Spring 2014) A look at what gets in the way Issue 9 (December 2013) Voices from the Gathering Issue 8 (September 2013) Experimenting with the Experiment Issue 7 (July 2013) Coming together from different places Issue 6 (April 2013) Spreading wider, going deeper Issue 5 (January 2013) Personal experiences of the Experiment practice Issue 4 (September 2012) Issue 3 (May 2012) Issue 2 (January 2012) How my Light Group got started Issue 1 (October 2011) If you would like to receive the Journal of the Experiment with Light Network by e-mail, please contact Helen Meads and Susie Tombs at experimentwithlight@gmail.com For Light Groups: What is a Light Group? (2014) Guidance for Light Groups (2009) Quaker Faith & Practice 12.21 Meditation CDs Newly recorded and released in 2015. Four Light meditation CDs, each containing a full-length guided meditation (37 minutes) with a choice of female or male voice reading out the steps


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