Alchemy of Reading: Into the Chemistry of Words: A Book on the Psychology of Reading Comprehension, The

Westy Weeds
All readers incorporate various attitudes and strategies. Unfortunately too many apply some that actually frustrate and alienate would-be-readers (as they languish to become illiterates and a-literates). This book is about an effective and psychologically rewarding psychology to reading method. It does not dictate what you should do, but offers several suggestions on approaches and also on how to think about reading issues. This orientation can provide a very practical basis for parents, teachers, students, professors, and all who care about quality learning. It starts by arguing the need to take your time when you read because good reading is an escape from the normal dimension of time. It then it explains the immense importance of using reference tools (such as dictionaries) to learn the coins of communication. There are 17 very interesting chapters, on a very interesting subject, that can help get to the issues that matter. It does not go into esoteric topics like brain function and eye behavior. Rather this is a practical work for every reader—and challenges all learners to their highest potential. Reading is indeed a great art. The world needs more great readers.


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