No, David!

David Shannon
The Caldecott Honor-winning classic by bestselling picture-book creator David Shannon! When David Shannon was five years old, he wrote and illustrated his first book. On every page were these words: NO, DAVID! . . . and a picture of David doing things he was not supposed to do. Now David is all grown up. But some things never change. . . . Over fifteen years after its initial publication, NO, DAVID! remains a perennial household favorite, delighting children, parents, and teachers alike. David is a beloved character, whose unabashed good humor, mischievous smile, and laughter-inducing antics underline the love parents have for their children--even when they misbehave.


Reviewed: 2021-10-03

I think a lot of time we tell children No don't touch this or do that they may not know why but maybe when they were David they the wrong in somethings 

Reviewed: 2021-02-28

A cute children's book with humor and fun. 

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#nodavid A classic book growing up teaching children right from wrong. I read this book as a child many times and it never gets old
#nodavid One of my favorite books for children can see themselves as David! They are responsive and books bring room for dialogue.
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@joyyeo began #nodavid... on 2021-12-06
#nodavid I honestly love this book. I think all kids should read this book. All parents can relate to this book. One award
#nodavid Another class fave! My 3yr-olds can recite this story word for word! NO DAVID! Teaching lessons and having fun!
#nodavid each page has a illustration that keeps the readers intrigued
#nodavid The No David Books are great to read to your little ones. It is actually teaching them what they should not be doing. #GoodVsBad
#nodavid is an exciting book for kids about a mischievous kid on his daily adventures that get him into trouble & causes lots of giggles!
#nodavid I choose this book because it opens children's minds to the pictures of why they are saying NO, award-winning book, good graphics.
#nodavid kids love this book, always repeating "No David" this book can teach kids a lesson not to be like David
#nodavid I chose this one because it makes me think of my little brother who was always getting into trouble as a kid.
#nodavid The book reminded me of my son when he was little and very busy. I always said, "No, Michael!" He got lots of hugs and I love you's
#nodavid This goes over rules on what is okay and not okay to do in the house. It sets guidelines for safety.
#nodavid a great book to read to children & teach about making good choices & following rules & behaving properly. Great graphics & colors