Avalanche (Sheriff Bo Tully, #2)

Patrick F. McManus
SHERIFF BO TULLY OF BLIGHT COUNTY, IDAHO, IS BACK.When the call comes in that Mike Wilson, the unlikable owner of West Branch Lodge, has gone missing, Sheriff Tully is delighted. This is an excellent opportunity for Tully, his tracker pal Dave, and his retired sheriff father, Pap, to enjoy a few evenings of hot tubs and single-malt scotch at the luxurious lodge while working the case. However, visions of R & R vanish in a flash on the drive up, when Tully and Pap suddenly realize an avalanche is thundering down the mountain, straight toward them.Tully manages to outrun the crush of snow, but the road behind is blocked, and there's no telling for how long. Tully's stranded at the lodge with a motley group of vacationers and locals: a sassy co-ed, a group of rambunctious fraternity boys, a shadowy group of what looks like ex-cons, the missing owner's wife, a suspiciously good-looking bartender, and worst (or perhaps best) of all, Tully's old flame, who shows up with her dogsled and naughty intentions.Both vacationers and locals start to look like suspects when Tully discovers startling evidence proving that the avalanche was no accident of nature. But why would anybody want him dead? And then the missing persons case turns into a murder case when Mike Wilson's body turns up in the river a couple of days later. But who killed him, and how? Furthermore, when another murder in Blight City is reported that week, the only suspect who makes sense...is the dead guy, Mike Wilson. But how could that have happened? It's up to Tully to figure it all out in this comic romp through the wilds of Blight County, from bestselling author Patrick McManus.


Reviewed: 2020-02-14
If you have never read any of Patrick F. McManus' short stories you are missing out on a great laugh. You are actually missing out on a great many, because the more you read the more you realize how many situations in life have a McManus parallel.
Avalanche is the second Bo Tulley mystery novel written by McManus. As a long time fan of Patrick McManus I am impressed with his switch to novels (though I still subscribe to "Outdoor Life" just to read his short stories every month). Avalanche was a great mystery with enough of his humor to please his fans. The story was very engaging and I could not put the book down until I had finished it. My dad called me after he read Avalanche and was laughing so loud about Bo Tulley's date near the river, that I thought some whooping drunk had dialed a wrong number. It isn't the first time someone has mistakenly blamed my father's behavior on some mind altering substance.
If you have not yet perused McManus' books you are missing a truly gifted writer. He is the Hemingway of humor!
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