American Sign Language Vocabulary Builder, Volume 2

Gilda Toby Ganezer
This exciting sequel, an ASL vocabulary builder DVD, is back due to popular demand. You will learn over 200 new vocabulary words in ASL about everyday life. Like with the first volume DVD, every vocabulary and expressions will be open-captioned for convenient learning with audio.New vocabulary groups include family & friends, around the house, people & professions, time and places; of which all are part of daily functions among Deaf / Hard-of-Hearing students, teachers, parents and professionals. Our easy-to-follow teachings will help you add these words to form sentences with our other grammar and sentence structures in ASL DVDs in order to ultimately develop better communication skills.Vocabulary & Expression Examples in this DVD:best friendbroke updivorcetwinsfurnituremirrormicrowavelibrarianprincesssenior citizensonce in a weeklaundromatGood for:High schoolsASL classesLibrariesFamiliesInterpretersColleges


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