Shonna Slayton


Reviewed: 2020-06-06

The best description for this book/series in 10 words or less:

"Girl full of duty doesn't listen and gets hurt." 


Similar to Cinderella's Dress by Slayton, this is less a retelling of Sleeping Beauty but a continuation of the story. This book kept me on my toes because I was constantly wondering who the evil fairy, Isodora, is. There was also the fact that no one is who they seem.

Briar as a character is well rounded. She knows what she wants in life, which is to grow, but she can't abandon her family and must take care of them. I had a problem with Briar Rose because she doesn't listen to what she is told and knows she shouldn't use the spindle but uses it anyway. It seemed a bit forced in that sense.

I really enjoyed the good fairies. I thought that they were really fun but full of duty at the same time.

I felt that the Prince family name was a dead give away that they were related to Sleeping Beauty's prince. Even though the name was boring, I liked Henry's character for the most part. The only problem I had with Henry's character was that he seemed too perfect and head-over-heels for Briar Rose.


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