Too Many Tamales

Gary Soto
Christmas Eve started out so perfectly for Maria. Snow had fallen and the streets glittered. Maria's favorite cousins were coming over and she got to help make the tamales for Christmas dinner. It was almost too good to be true when her mother left the kitchen for a moment and Maria got to try on her beautiful diamond ring . . . This is the story of a treasure thought to be lost in a batch of tamales; of a desperate adn funny attempt by Maria and her cousins to eat their way out of trouble; and the warm way a family pulls together to make it a perfect Christmas after all.


Reviewed: 2021-02-26

This book is an amazing book to learn about other cultures. It shows you how Maria cooks tortillas with her family and how they bond. It also shows how she gets treated when something goes wrong or when she does something she is not suppose to do. #toomanytamales

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#toomanytamales it teaches you to tell the truth than to panic and try covering it up
#toomanytamales I like how this book introduces latino culture and teaches the message of honesty and telling the truth.
When I was in elementary this book was read to me. I enjoy it because I can relate to it since I come from a Mexican family #toomanytamales
#toomanytamales A activity you can do is to be able to try and speak some spanish words
#toomanytamales Shows how families can come together with food. Activity: learn about different cultures through food and how they are alike
#toomanytamales amazing book very accurate to the culture and has a good lesson behind it.
#toomanytamales When I was a kid they read this book to me they dress like the '90s. I can relate to this book bcz of the tamales on christm
#toomanytamales family laughter & food in this fun story of a missing ring when Maria & fam come together to make tamales for a 2nd time!
#toomanytamales is a good book about an Hispanic family making tamales for Christmas dinner. It's also a story of telling the truth.
#toomanytamales was an amazing book that teaches us about the value of being honest. It also teaches us about the value of family!
When I was in elementary this book was read to me. I enjoy this book because I can relate to it since I come from a Mexican #toomanytamales
#toomanytamales after reading this book for a project i really enjoyed it it was a great a read and i think kids would really love this book
#toomanytamales teach children how certain cultures different traditions when it come to Holidays. It also gives a lesson about honesty.
#toomanytamales I love the message this book has in it. No matter what we shouldn't be afraid,to tell the truth, and shows Hispanic Culture.