201 Ways to Say No Effectively and Gracefully

Alan Axelrod
HOURS. There aren't enough of them. Succeeding in business has always been tough. These days, it's downright brutal. What do you need most?; All the help you can get.; What do you need even more?; Time. The Quick-Tip Survival Guides put the two together, giving you all the help you need--without taking all the time you have. Focusing on the personal and interpersonal skills crucial to success, the Quick-Tip Survival Guides mine and refine the nuggets of essential business know-how: time-tested truths, as well as savvy from the cutting edge. 201 Ways to Say No Gracefully and Effectively is a quick read for anyone whose business doesn't always mean saying yes. It's all about making yourself heard and getting your way--without turning off your client, your coworker, your subordinate, or your boss. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Alan Axelrod has produced a wide range of popular business and communications books. Jim Holtje, Director of International Client Services for a Washington, D.C. corporate communications and PR management consulting firm.


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