Art of Connecting: Advice from Philemon on the Power of Productive Relationships, The

O. S. Hawkins
From out of the past comes an ancient document, a piece of personal correspondence, written by a "people-strategist" to a wealthy entrepreneur almost two thousand years ago. It contains only twenty-two sentences in less than a dozen brief paragraphs and yet, it is the most articulate case study in the building of positive, productive interpersonal relationships, to be found anywhere. Fortunately, this ancient document, simply known as "Philemon", has found its way into the New Testament to be preserved for all posterity. When it comes to the bottom line, many of today's modern methods of building productive relationships are superficial and deceptive resulting in short-term gain at best. The intent of this volume and the content of Philemon's letter is not just to win friends but to keep them long-term, mutually beneficial, positive, productive interpersonal relationships.


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