National Geographic: Human Footprint

Clive Maltby
The National Geographic Human Footprint DVD will make you realize just what it takes to be you everyday. Have you ever thought about how much food, everyday products, and fuel you've consumed during the course of your life? In National Geographic's new program, HUMAN FOOTPRINT, you'll find out that it's a lot. From our cars to our clothes dryers to our disposable toothbrushes, our impact on planet Earth is astonishing. Whether you're a child who drinks milk or an adult who enjoys a bottle of wine, HUMAN FOOTPRINT takes a phase-by-phase journey through life to illustrate the enormous imprint every American makes during his or her time on Earth. Incorporating surprising facts with playful visuals, this enlightening portrait reveals our level of consumption and the simple changes we can all make to reduce our negative impact on the world. Narrated by Elizabeth Vargas. Featuring eco-friendly packaging - Made of 100% recycled fiber, 55% post consumer waste. Plastic film 100% compostable.Produced by National Geographic.1 disc.Run time - 90 minutes.2008.English.DVD's are not returnable once the package is opened.


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