Yukon Quest 3-in-1

Tracie Peterson
Treasures of the North- Grace Hawkins flees north during the Alaskan gold rush to escape an arranged marriage with a sinister man. Will her new relationship with a young ship owner be threatened when her furious fianc tracks her down? Ashes and Ice- Heartbroken by loss, Karen Pierce is bound by a promise to watch over two young adults in her care. Together they journey north to the goldfields with the determined Adrik Ivankov as their guide. Will Karen find her way back to her once solid-faith...and into Adrik's arms? Rivers of Gold- Separated from her travel companions and presumed dead, Miranda Colton finds herself under the protection of Teddy Davenport. Though grateful for his help, Miranda longs to find her friends and continue north to the gold fields. As her friendship with Teddy blossoms, Miranda struggles over conflicting desires...until a menacing force from the past threatens to destroy everything she holds dear.


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