Barron's Guide to Military Careers

Donald B. Hutton
There's a lot more than hype behind those recruitment spots that announce: "Be all that you can be!"..."Aim High!" and "It's More Than a Job--It's an Adventure!" In fact, America's modern military service branches offer young men and women training that prepares them for hundreds of different, highly rewarding manual, technical, and professional occupations. Barron's Guide to Military Careers is a must-read volume for everybody considering a career in the army, air force, navy, marines, or coast guard. The book features an inventory of each branch's major military equipment, resource listings that include available publications and videos, and a glossary of military terms. It also describes military training and available academic and special training programs, as well as ROTC programs. Among the military career opportunities described in this book are those in administration, aviation, combat, construction, engineering, health, human services, law enforcement, machine work, public affairs, ship operations, and many more.


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