Big Brother, Little Brother

Marci Curtis
Buddies, pals, keepers of secrets, givers of wedgies-brothers! Who but a brother could hoard all the donuts and protect and look up to you at the same time? Funny true-to-life photographs illustrate this portrait of five sets of real brothers, squabbling, wrestling, laughing, sharing, discovering, growing up side by side. Whether big, little, or in-the-middle, boys of all sorts are sure to find plenty of "hey, that's just like us!" moments to connect to and share. Marci Curtis also created Big Sister, Little Sister, whose "eye-catching photographs capture moments of energy, creativity, and affection" wrote School Library Journal. "What is plain is the happiness coming off the pages . . . scenes that delight, moments of pure companionship to make other siblings smile," wrote Kirkus Reviews.


Reviewed: 2020-12-01
Older and younger boys from various ethnic backgrounds pillow fight, play in the mud and race home in this light-hearted picture book. Older boys outrun and playfully tease younger ones, but also kiss injured knees, provide moral support on first bus rides, and teach how to hit baseballs and tie shoes. Cheerful, vivid photographs, rebuses and simple rhyming text describe both humorous and touching events. An older and younger boy engage in the time honored practice of spitting watermelon seeds. The pair exchange a hug: "Big brother and I, adopted from the start. Though we're not blood brothers, we are brothers of the heart." The rough treatment of animals strikes a discordant note in a book that presents brotherly relationships in positive ways, however, this flaw is outweighed by the funny, warm and candid images of the bonds brothers share. My Little Brother by David McPhail is a good companion title for those seeking a story about problems between brothers. Submitted by: Janell Sonnenmoser
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