Australia in Maps: Great Maps in Australia's History from the National Library's Collection

National Library of Australia
Australia in Maps is an essential read for all bibliophiles, cartographers and those who simply love beautiful books. Aimed at introducing readers to the breadth and diversity of the National Library of Australia's collection of more than 600 000 maps of Australia, the countries of the world, the oceans, and the skies, this richly illustrated book showcases some of the finest items from the Maps Collection. These range from exquisite manuscript maps and editions from celebrated European cartographic publishers of the seventeenth century to the familiar contemporary products such as tourist maps which aid our daily lives. Readers will discover the stories behind these maps: the dangers of traversing uncharted territories; the intrigue associated with competition for economic and strategic ascendancy; technological changes in map making and dissemination; and, above all, changes in human knowledge and representation of the world around us.


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