From Sand and Ash

Amy Harmon
Italy, 1943—Germany occupies much of the country, placing the Jewish population in grave danger during World War II.As children, Eva Rosselli and Angelo Bianco were raised like family but divided by circumstance and religion. As the years go by, the two find themselves falling in love. But the church calls to Angelo and, despite his deep feelings for Eva, he chooses the priesthood.Now, more than a decade later, Angelo is a Catholic priest and Eva is a woman with nowhere to turn. With the Gestapo closing in, Angelo hides Eva within the walls of a convent, where Eva discovers she is just one of many Jews being sheltered by the Catholic Church.But Eva can’t quietly hide, waiting for deliverance, while Angelo risks everything to keep her safe. With the world at war and so many in need, Angelo and Eva face trial after trial, choice after agonizing choice, until fate and fortune finally collide, leaving them with the most difficult decision of all.


Reviewed: 2018-04-18

This book was heartbreaking, beautiful, a tear-jerker and very emotional. I was excited when Amy announced she wrote a historical romance novel. I couldn't wait to get my hands on this book and Amy did not disappoint. I was hooked from the start and I couldn't wait to see what would happen to these two extraordinary characters. I just knew this book would have a major emotional punch to it, because it is set in one of the darkest time in the world's history. I wasn't wrong, it was very heartbreaking. I live in Europe so the WW2 was a very important part in our history classes, so I knew quite a lot of what happened during that time. But reading it through the eyes of the characters, gave it another dimension. I cried a lot while I was reading this book, I just couldn't contain my tears, it was so horrific what the Jewish people went through. 

Both Angela and Eva were amazing characters that were so beautiful together. They were both such strong and phenomenal characters that put others before themselves. So selfless, and people like them helped so many people during the war. They go through so much in this book, but they never gave up hope. Hope is what keeps people going during these dark times. I don't even know what to say more in this review. All the secondary characters were courageous and exceptional as well. Just pick it up! My all time favorite book is The Bronze Horseman and this book had some similar feel to it. Experience Angelo and Eva's forbidden love. I highly recommend this book if you love epic love stories.

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