Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Jeff Kinney


Reviewed: 2016-11-22
So yes I read this. Well, to be honest I read it so quickly to the point of practically skimming it. Every student 3rd grade and up has read all of the diary of a wimpy kid books at least 3 times and I needed to know what was so great. This book (and series) appeals to students because it's all about being forced to grow up when it's just not what you're interested in doing yet. The main character, Greg, is the wimpy kid and just seems to complain a lot, but I guess kids do like to complain so they get Greg. Greg is like the Ferris Beuller or Holden Caufield of this generation: someone relatable who does and says everything that they wish they could do and say themselves. I would only allow students to use this for independent reading. Maybe some character analysis here and there within the story but there's not much meat to any literary concept that the novel contains. This is also an easy read so it might be a good way to introduce bigger chapter books to younger or struggling readers. I would recommend this book for grades 3-6.
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