Now and at the Hour of Our Death: Instructions Concerning My Death and Funeral

Peter Gilmour
Catholics believe in the communion of saints and the resurrection of the dead. We pray for the dead and we pray to be prepared for death whenever it comes. These pages offer some ways to put Catholic tradition into practice. How does Christian tradition help us with death today? This book presents an opportunity to learn about some important medical, financial, and legal issues that surround death, and gives the reader an opportunity to reflect on those issues in light of their faith in order to make choices and preparations accordingly. In these pages you'll find information about living wills, durable powers of attorney for health care and for financial management, and wills. You will also find consumer information regarding funerals, burial, and cremation. An outline of the Church's funeral rite, the Order of Christian Funerals, is also included, along with sections and pages in which to record individual wishes and preparations made. Use this book as an opportunity to make informed preparations for death that are guided by your knowledge and faith. This book also provides a wonderful tool for parish or community-based workshops. Published by Liturgy Training Publications.


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