Mary Emmerling's Romantic Country: Style That's Straight from the Heart

Mary Emmerling
Mary Emmerling's approach to American country style has always revealed the heart of a romantic: cozy, inviting interiors brightened with bouquets of vintage florals; all-white bedrooms and pampering baths; the sensual glow of candlelight and the fragrance of Casablanca lilies. Mary's is not a clichéd, conventional take on romance, but a clean, updated take that's inviting to men as well as women, modernists as well as sentimentalists. In Mary Emmerling's Romantic Country, she shares her secrets for creating romance where you find it and bringing touches of charm to any setting.From an enchanting cottage in Los Angeles to a young family's bungalow in Tucson, a high-rise in Houston to a tiny shack on Long Island, Romantic Country is filled with more than 250 lush photographs that offer an abundance of ideas for making any home more nurturing, pampering, and inviting. The "Romance A to Z" section highlights elements that instantly create intimacy, such as window seats, canopy beds, fireplaces, clawfoot tubs, dressing tables, chaise lounges, ceiling fans, big snuggly sofas, and more. And irresistible lists throughout the book reveal "No-Fail Ingredients for Romance," "A Sound Track for Seduction," and "The Most Romantic Getaways Stateside," as well as the sexiest cars, cocktails, movies, and much more. Mary even shares her own wonderful love story, which inspired this book, as well as a directory of her favorite stores and resources for romantic furnishings and accessories across the country."In these hard-edged, fast-paced, technology-ruled times, romance is more important than ever," points out Mary Emmerling. Let Romantic Country show you the way to create a happier, prettier, more relaxing refuge—because, after all, whose life couldn't use a little more romance?


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