Speaker for the Dead (The Ender Quintet)

Orson Scott Card
In the aftermath of his terrible war, Ender Wiggin disappeared, and a powerful voice arose: The Speaker for the Dead, who told the true story of the Bugger War.Now, long years later, a second alien race has been discovered, but again the aliens' ways are strange and frightening...again, humans die. And it is only the Speaker for the Dead, who is also Ender Wiggin the Xenocide, who has the courage to confront the mystery...and the truth. Speaker for the Dead, the second novel in Orson Scott Card's Ender Quintet, is the winner of the 1986 Nebula Award for Best Novel and the 1987 Hugo Award for Best Novel.


Reviewed: 2017-03-10

Full disclosure. Orson Scott Card (the author) is a bad person, which is why its so strange and remarkable how beautifully he writes about empathy. For somone who is explicitly homophobic, it's so strange that he built an entire world and wonderful and epic book series all around the concept of Empathy. He must be a confused person. The book series is great, it's exploration into empathy is quite amazing. And for any science fiction fan, this series is a classic. If you were to read just one book of the series, then read 'Enders Game.' But the whole series is worth the effort.

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